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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Feb 6, 2019

Professional triathlete Dr. Jay Wiles is our special interview guest on Episode 1473 of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.

Dr. Jay T. Wiles from is a Clinical Health and Nutritional Psychologist located in Greenville, SC. Dr. Wiles has procured experience in the field of health psychology and nutritional psychology via applied research within both a university and VA medical center setting, as well as through teaching, consulting, and providing patient care. With a passion for integrative and holistic care, Dr. Wiles’ goal is to provide education to healthcare professionals on the bidirectional relationship between what we eat and our psychological and cognitive performance. His desire is to increase this knowledge and awareness that it may result in informed and collaborative shared-decision making, as well as improved quality of patient care that further bolsters health promotion and disease prevention.

Listen in today as Jimmy and Jay talk about:

The role of mental health care in functional medicine
The impact of eating habits on neurotransmitters and cognitive functioning
The role and impact of the SAD and carbohydrates/sugar intake on psychological well-being
The importance of fat for psychological well-being
The role lifestyle and eating habits on pain management
Dr. Wiles' experience and research working in an integrative pain center at the VA
The importance of hacking biology via biofeedback/HRV, photobiomodulation, earthing/grounding, and meditation
and much more.
"What we're finding is that there is a certain segment of medical professionals that think if they didn't learn about it in med school, or they can't bill insurance for it, then it's not worth their time." – Dr. Jay Wiles