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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Apr 15, 2014

Registered, Licensed Dietitian, health coach, blogger and podcaster Cassie Bjork is our special guest host interviewing Paleo blogger and author Michelle Tam in Episode 806 of "The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show."

Today we've got a guest host that may be familiar to fans of Jimmy Moore's podcast. She is Cassie Bjork from "Dietitian Cassie" and serves as Jimmy's co-host on his Friday podcast "Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends." She is incredibly passionate about exposing people to healthy nutrition with real food. Through her work as Dietitian Cassie, she focuses on debunking rumors, diet myths and fads while teaching clients how to eat healthy by breaking down research-based material into practical forms that can be implemented into any lifestyle. Cassie is an ardent believer in using real food for optimal health and performance and strives to live a balanced lifestyle while helping others do the same.

Cassie invited on Paleo blogger and New York Times bestselling author of Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans Michelle Tam from "Nom Nom Paleo." In partnership with her husband, Henry Fong, Michelle developed the top-selling Nom Nom Paleo iPad app as well as their new book. When she's not cooking or writing, Michelle can be found working graveyard shifts as a hospital pharmacist, chasing her two young sons around the house, or passed out cold (yes, she's got quite the quirky sense of humor, but that's why we love her!).

Listen in as Cassie and Michelle discuss how she balances the many important roles in her life, how she prioritizes each of those duties to stay sane through the busyness, what she feeds her kids in their school lunches, how she transitioned her kids to embrace and love the Paleo diet, the importance of being realistic and listening to your body, the critical impact of exercise on health, not falling for “Paleo Perfectionism,” her recommendations for stress management to prevent stress eating, and how the idea of treats fits into a Paleo template. And don't miss hearing Michelle shares her kitchen staples and what she does when she doesn’t have a lot of time to cook. This is a fun episode with two amazingly spectacular leaders in the Paleo/real food community.

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