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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Oct 1, 2012

Wife, mother, personal trainer and brand new Paleo cookbook author Chrissy Gower is our guest today in Episode 619 of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

There has been a precipitous rise in interest over the past couple of years about how to best incorporate a Paleo lifestyle change into your family life. Thankfully we have so many amazing voices articulating how they are doing just that and today I'm pleased to introduce another one of them to you. Her name is Chrissy Gower from the "Growing Up Paleo" blog and the "Paleo Talk" podcast with Sarah Fragoso. She is a mother of two committed to feeding her two beautiful kids as well as she can without compromise.

Through her sister Nikki (who just so happens to be married to Mr. Paleo himself--Robb Wolf!), Chrissy discovered a passion for fitness and healthy Paleo nutrition that now drives her to bring about changes in herself, her spouse, her children and her clients. She is quite influential as one of the personal trainers at the famed NorCal Strength & Conditioning in Chico, California. And her debut book with Victory Belt releases today, October 1, 2012 called Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple. Listen in as Jimmy and Chrissy have a fantastic conversation about what's in her new book, the influence of her friend Sarah Fragoso from the "Everyday Paleo" blog on her professionally and personally and how virtually any family can infuse Paleo into their day-to-day living to get healthy and stay healthy for life. ENJOY!


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