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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Apr 1, 2015

Naturopath and autism specialist Dr. Shauna Young is our guest today in Episode 942 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”




Interests: About 15 seconds after I started posting on social media about the book, someone came on and said “Nothing will cure autism. It’s here to stay”. This is the mindset that has to be reversed! To that end, I put together some talking points.

I cannot stress how important it is that people understand that this is not a “theory” that could happen. These case studies have ALREADY happened.

In order to do that, I think we should focus on the case studies. Maybe pick a few of your favorites and we can discuss them in more depth. Also see the chapter on “Setting the bar”. That has proved to be a very powerful image.

The Protocol has for years and WILL CONTINUE TO BE available for free download at The book of course goes more into depth, but the Protocol is still there for free. However PLEASE ask that people leave a donation (even a dollar!) if they download the Protocol. If we had a dollar for every download we’ve had we would be in much better shape to help more people, as it has been downloaded more than 10,000 times in over 70 countries.

Stress that I am not in private practice right now, as I thought it was more important at this time to spread the word about this Protocol. They can send questions through the NoHarm Foundation (that I am medical director of) but the book should answer 99% of their questions. Once we have some funding through NoHarm we can answer more questions, but for now it is a small unpaid staff.

We have a video on YouTube that chronicles a child I worked with called “Dr. Shauna Young’s television appearance on EcoSense”. Go to YouTube and search for “Assertive Wellness” to get to our channel.

To hear more podcasts and other info about this Protocol, they can go to


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NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorship

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Dr. Shauna Young bio
Erasing Autism: The Spectrum Balance Protocol