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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Mar 22, 2016

Fitness expert, personal development guru, and author Craig Ballantyne is our guest today in Episode 1088 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”


Many people live their lives feeling stuck in rut, simply going through the motions of their regular routine, and never even thinking about doing something different or even better than what they are doing right now. But then it happens--you have a special day where everything goes right and you feel so fabulous and unstoppable that you wonder why everyday can't be like this. This "perfect day" feeling is something that a Toronto, Ontario Canada-based fitness expert, personal development guru, and author named Craig Ballantyne from strives to impart on others through his work by living the principles he teaches with his clients. Very longtime listeners to the show will remember Craig being on the podcast talking about his Turbulence Training fitness program way back in July 2009 in Episode 271. Now Craig has shifted gears in helping others become the success they want to be in their career, personal goals, and just life in general. He's outlined the points that guide him in a concise and practical new 2016 book entitled The Perfect Day Formula.

Listen in as Jimmy and Craig discuss why he shifted his work to personal development, how someone can drastically improve their life through a few targeted strategies for success, what the 3-C formula is that he uses and how it works, how and why someone would want to create certain rules of life for themselves, what Craig never does in his lectures anymore as one of his rules, the commitment Jimmy makes to always do this one thing for his followers, the five pillars of transformation that will set you up to accomplish anything, why concentrating on what counts (and figuring out what matters the most) is critical to this working, how to create a vision for your life that you can live by, and Craig's personal battle with anxiety attacks that he was able to overcome to now help others. Today's episode is a bit outside-the-box of the typical diet and health guests you typically hear, but we think you're gonna love this focus on making the best possible YOU there can be. ENJOY!


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