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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Sep 25, 2019

Former vegan and UK-based author John Nicholson is our guest today in Episode 1552 of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!
While Jimmy and Christine are gone on a much needed and deserved sabbatical for six months to rest and recuperate, we will be bringing you the best of the best from the vast archive of shows that Jimmy has accumulated over the last 15 years. We also will be airing shows from his wildly popular JIMMY RANTS live show that originated on Instagram Live and now resides at

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“The change was almost immediate when I started eating meat and the scales fell from my eyes about what I thought about meat eating.”

John Nicholson

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Veganism has become so entrenched in our society as the epitome of “healthy living” that so many people buy into it fully without understanding the hidden consequences of eating this way. Just ask John Nicholson who committed over half of his life to vegetarianism and ultimately to being a vegan for 18 of those years until he began noticing a rather precipitous decline in his health while gaining weight. It wasn’t until his 32-year life partner Dawn, who had been there with John from the time he first embraced plant-based eating, suggested they start eating meat again to regain their health that he made the fateful decision to consume animal products again for the first time in 26 years.

Their switch from a low-fat vegan diet to a high-fat meat-based diet was aided in part by the influence of a former vegan named Lierre Keith and her groundbreaking book exposing the dangers of vegetarian/vegan diets called The Vegetarian Myth (listen to my interview with Lierre in Episode 334 here). John experienced such a quick and dramatic improvement in so many aspects of his health once he added meat back into his diet again that he began on a mission to tell as many people as he could about how animal-based foods saved his health and life. He published a fantastic book about his experience in 2012 called The Meat Fix: How a Lifetime of Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me! that he hopes will influence other disillusioned vegans who desperately need to put some meat back into their diet again.

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