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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Oct 23, 2019

Episode 1534

While Jimmy is gone on a much needed and deserved sabbatical for six months to rest and recuperate, we will be bringing you the best of the best from the vast archive of shows that Jimmy has accumulated over the last 15 years. We also will be airing shows from his wildly popular JIMMY RANTS live show that originated on Instagram Live and now resides at

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“What we’re seeing is that doctors are making small changes and that means that we are seeing policy changes from a grass roots level.”

Dr. Adam Nally
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Finding a good doctor who understands the key role that nutrition plays in their patient’s health can be extremely challenging nowadays. Since most medical professionals are lucky if they’ve had just a few hours to two weeks worth of education on the role diet plays in health during their medical school training, many don’t know how to adequately help their patients dealing with chronic health problems like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol and weight management. These topics are all a passionate focus of attention by a Surprise, Arizona-based family medicine practitioner named Dr. Adam Nally from Nally Family Practice. He blogs about how he routinely uses a low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet to help his patients maximize their health where all other forms of traditional medicine has failed. He blogs at and is one of the strongest medical proponents of ketogenic diets you’ll ever hear.

Dr. Nally was invited by our host Jimmy Moore to be one of the featured speakers on the 2014 Low-Carb Cruise which we shared on this podcast a couple of months back. But the video and audio footage with Dr. Nally became corrupted and unusable. To remedy that, Jimmy invited Dr. Nally to come on the podcast today for a fresh interview that we know you’re gonna love. Listen in as Jimmy and Dr. Nally discuss how the interest in low-carbohydrate nutrition is becoming more attractive to physicians, the surprised response he gets from his patients as he teaches Paleo-based low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic principles, how the Internet has made patients much more savvy from a medical health perspective, why the low-carb message isn’t embraced wholeheartedly for people with diabetes, the progression of diabetes that happens over time, how fat-phobia is driving the policies about nutrition and health, why patient data matter doesn’t seem to matter to the policymakers, the lack of will and financial ability to do a credible nutritional health study, why insulin resistance seems to be completely ignored as a key marker in chronic disease, how blood pressure drops like a rock when you start low-carb, the cascade of improvements in health markers that happen when you cut your carbohydrate intake, the incredible improvements in the key cholesterol markers like triglycerides on a low-carb diet, there is no drug that will drop triglycerides as much as low-carb, what’s going on with patients who don’t see results despite eating ketogenic, how most of the artificial sweeteners (especially Ace-K commonly found in most diet sodas) and fake creamers won’t raise blood sugar but will raise insulin levels, why food quality is such an incredible aspect of a good low-carb, ketogenic diet, the disconnect with what real food is, how he uses aquaponics to create a sustainable food supply, how stress impacts people with an insulin response like eating 10 slices of bread instead of one, the strategies he tells patients to reduce the stress, why exercise has to become an enjoyable part of your life, how he sees atherosclerotic plaque (CIMT) in his patients reduced with a low-carb ketogenic diet, and the amplification of side effects that happen when a low-carb dieter takes a statin drug.

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