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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Dec 26, 2019

Episode 1592

“If you are still using RoundUp, get rid of it and let’s stop buying it. It’s just not worth it for your health.”

- Jimmy Moore


Springtime will be here before you know it and that means warmer temperatures, growing a garden, and dealing with the weeds in your yard. For most people, they don’t even think twice about buying a weed-killing product like RoundUp because it is so prevalent in our culture. But did you know there have been not just one but TWO jury verdicts in lawsuits filed against the company that makes this product, Monsanto, in just the past year with thousands more in the pipeline? Read this story detailing the known cancer-causing impact of using RoundUp that Monsanto chose to cover up below.

Who is paying for Monsanto’s crimes? We are:

What’s even worse to health podcaster and international bestselling author of KETO CLARITY Jimmy Moore is the fact that the toxic impact of glyphosate in RoundUp has probably already had an impact on the foods you eat because it has been used so ubiquitously by farmers to control weeds and pests that it has seeped into the food supply. Watch this important update from Jimmy and spread the word to friends, family, and anyone in your life you love about the dangers of using RoundUp in this video.