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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Jan 29, 2020

Episode 1606

“I was eating crappy calories just trying to put on size without knowing anything about food quality, or where those calories came from.”

– Robert Sikes

From a measly 115 pounds to a miserable 230 pounds to a ketogenic professional bodybuilder, Robert Sikes from has blazed his own trail. Robert was not dealt a good hand with regards to becoming an elite bodybuilder.  He was skinny as a rail and had no gym experience whatsoever.  His first bench was an ice chest and his first weight set was pieces of loose steel his father had laying around the shop.  He didn’t have a clue about nutrition or training but he was hungry to learn. From skinny to overweight to keto Savage, Robert’s story is incredible.

Listen in today as Jimmy and Robert chat about how he started following conventional wisdom in the bodybuilding community that suggested he eat TONS of calories (mostly from crap carbs) to gain muscle, how he ate 6,000 calories a day and went from skinny to fat with the hopes of someday competing, continuing to follow conventional wisdom when he prepped for his first bodybuilding competition leading to disaster, going from feasting to starving, developing eating disorders, discovering keto, and much more.

While Jimmy is gone on a much needed and deserved sabbatical for six months to rest and recuperate, we will be bringing you the best of the best from the vast archive of shows that Jimmy has accumulated over the last 15 years. We also will be airing shows from his wildly popular JIMMY RANTS live show that originated on Instagram Live and now resides at