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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Feb 20, 2020

Episode 1616

“Some of the benefits she’s seen is probably from making ketones on the fasts she’s done.”

- Jimmy Moore
There are a lot of people talking about diet and healthy living online and a few of them have amassed a large following on social media channels as well as here on YouTube. One such example of this promoting the raw vegan, plant-based way of eating is Yovanna Mendoza Ayres, aka Rawvana as her Internet branding. She was captured on video by another YouTuber recently eating fish which forced her to admit she had developed some health issues with a lack of a period for two years, possible Hashimoto's autoimmune disease (low thyroid), and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Read the full story below.
Vegan YouTuber Apologizes After She's Caught Eating Fish: 'I Made a Mistake':
After being urged by her doctor to add back in some animal-based foods in the form of eggs and fish to help restore her health again, Rawvana was predictably blasted by her followers as a fraud and a liar. This is so incredibly sad to health podcaster and international bestselling author of KETO CLARITY Jimmy Moore who says Rawvana should be lauded for being willing to make the difficult but prudent decision to go against her vegan belief system and to do what's right for her own personal health. Listen in to hear Jimmy urge love, respect, and compassion for Rawvana (even inviting her to be a guest on his LLVLC Show podcast to talk about this experience--email him as she makes this decision for the sake of her own health in this episode.  
“What good is it for your message if you're dead? You can have all the diet perfection in the world but if you are not getting benefit from it, what good is it?”
- Jimmy Moore
Today we have a special JIMMY RANTS on The LLVLC Show for you. Jimmy is on his much deserved six-month sabbatical so we are bringing you some of the best content from Jimmy’s daily show JIMMY RANTS. Be sure to bookmark and dig through all of the content there during Jimmy’s time away.