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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Mar 18, 2020

Low-carb/Keto Life Coach Brittany Davis is our special interview guest on Episode 1625 of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.

“I’m not saying that every day I have a smile on my face, but I make a point in moving toward positivity every chance I get.”

– Brittany Davis

Brittany Davis ( ) was raised in a small town on a small budget. She was mentally, physically and sexually abused by my step-father, causing her to struggle with eating disorders all through her adolescent years and into her early 20s. She witnessed the turmoil that is divorce 2 different times, both leaving her even more broken than before. She has endured multiple miscarriages, difficult relationship dynamics, seasons of limited income, self-doubt and pain. Though in the depths of anxiety and depression so deep she didn’t think she was going to survive, but even through it all, she stand by her motto, “STILL I RISE”!

A low carb diet was her saving grace. Two years ago, she found Keto and it lead her down a path of losing 65 lbs and was the true catalyst of her journey facing the past that lead her to 220 lbs of misery.

Through DEEP self work she has been able to stand in front of people and tell them that life is HARD, but we ALL are capable of living the life we want. We are all capable of change and self-growth.

Throughout it all she has learned that we can NOURISH our bodies with food that blesses us and use that blessing to fill our cups to overflow. And when we fill our cups to overflow, just perhaps we can spill what we’ve learned and gained onto someone else.