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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Mar 24, 2020

Episode 1626

Americans have been told to distance themselves from crowds of people as much as they possibly can as a way to flatten the curve of the rising numbers of people who are diagnosed with #COVID19. This social isolation is forcing people to stay at home more than normal where their interactions with others might be minimal—especially if they are living alone. We simply cannot forget about our basic human need to connect with others even in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. ⁣

That’s why it’s so very important right now to not entirely isolate yourself socially from friends, family, and other important people in your life. Text messaging, video chat, and of course talking on the phone with the people that matter the most in your life will keep you connected and calm in the midst of all the chaos.

Listen in today to hear Jimmy give you real world, practical advice on Social Isolation, Carb Cravings, And The Fallout From The Fears Over The Coronavirus in this very special episode of The LLVLC Show.