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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Mar 25, 2020

Episode 1627


“Perfectionism is the number one sign of trauma.”
- Steph Dodier

Stephanie Dodier is a Clinical Nutritionist, Weight Loss, and Emotional Eating Expert. Stephanie’s integrative and comprehensive approach to nutrition and health goes far beyond the food and to find alignment body and mind.

Stephanie’s has been there too; her health journey began 6 years ago while working as a senior executive in Fortune 500 corporation she suffered severe panic attacks to lead to a complete life transformation allowing to
get her health back. In the process of transformation, Stephanie’s lost 100 lbs. and resolved many other health conditions.

Stephanie is passionate about sharing her journey and being a source of inspiration while serving women.

Listen in today as Jimmy and Steph talk about the connection between trauma and physical ailments and how Somatic Therapy addresses this connection.