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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Sep 1, 2021

On today’s episode of the LLVLC Show, Amber Wentworth stops by to talk with Jimmy about the unique challenges of being a diet public figure.

“It took me forty years to figure out that it wasn’t always about weight and how I looked on the outside, but about being healthy on the inside and out.”

 - Amber Wentworth


In this chat, Jimmy speaks with his fellow keto diet influencer Amber Wentworth (@lonestarketogirl) known online as Lone Star Keto Girl. They talk about what it’s like to be a public figure in the nutrition and health space and the extra pressure that is put on them to look a certain way. Jimmy and Amber have a very open and insightful discussion about the negative feedback that comes your way when you decide to put yourself out there talking about food and diet. Check out this honest give and take from two people who have a ton of experience on this specific topic.

Amber is a published romance writer, recipe creating food lover, and a keto/Intermittent fasting enthusiast. After experiencing the health benefits of the keto way of life firsthand, she wanted to help and inspire others to achieve their goals by sharing her journey, tips, encouragement, and of course, keto/low carb food. Amber focuses on delicious and satisfying low carb/keto recipes with a Texas twist. With this lifestyle, you should never feel deprived!