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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Oct 26, 2021


On today’s episode of the LLVLC Show, Jimmy welcomes Michele Dodson to talk about posture and back pain.

“Pain is there for a reason. It’s there to tell you that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.”

- Michele Dodson

In this episode, Jimmy speaks with a busy working mom of 4 who eats carnivore and likes to lift heavy named Michele Dodson (@micheledodson). She reached out to Jimmy after looking at progress pictures from his #StaybatticalTo50 to inform him of what she observed about his posture and the relationship it had on the pain he was feeling in his back and other parts of his body. She’s from a company called Symmetry For Health who helped her in 2014 after dealing with nagging injuries and chronic pain. Tune in to hear Jimmy and Michele talk about how Symmetry helps people relieve the pain and get the results they are looking for in their health and fitness goals. Plus, don’t miss Michele talk about carnivore, weight lifting, and raising kids.