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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Feb 9, 2022

“I had been writing about the fact that fructose was the problem, but inside the animals we saw confusing evidence.”

 - Dr. Richard Johnson


In this episode, Jimmy is pleased to welcome back to the podcast a Professor of Medicine and obesity researcher from the University of Colorado named Dr. Richard Johnson (@drrichardjjohnson) who has been conducting studies looking at fructose as the primary culprit in obesity for the past two decades. His research has evolved over the years examining the various mechanisms within the body that determine adipose fat accumulation and what can be done to prevent and reverse that switch. Dr. Johnson brings a heavily does of science with practical takeaways that you’re sure to learn a lot form in today’s interview!

Dr. Richard Johnson’s official website:

Jimmy’s 2008 interview with Dr. Johnson where he suggested looking at all carbohydrates as a culprit in obesity: