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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Feb 15, 2022

Join Jimmy today as he explores the medieval origins of segmented sleep schedules.

“According to this article, my sleep is not different, it’s the original way we slept.”

 - Jimmy Moore


In this episode, Jimmy gets personal to talk about his unorthodox sleeping pattern where he goes to bed for his “first sleep” for a few hours, then gets up for a few hours, and going back to bed again for a “second sleep” for a few hours. This has been his sleeping pattern for several months and he became curious about why this strange sleeping pattern was happening. An article published in The Atlantic on January 27, 2022 entitled “Can Medieval Sleeping Habits Fix America’s Insomnia?” offered up some ancestral clues about why Jimmy’s sleep is probably not as strange as it might seem. Tune in as Jimmy reads this article and offers up his sleeping experience in today’s episode!

Can Medieval Sleeping Habits Fix America’s Insomnia?: