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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Feb 23, 2022

Today Jimmy welcomes Dr. Annette Bosworth to the show to talk about how she helps her patients stay on the keto continuum.


“Patients don’t understand that doctors have to follow a certain standard of care.”

 - Dr. Annette Bosworth


In this episode, Jimmy speaks with a Tampa, FL-based physician who uses ketogenic diet principles with her patients named Dr. Annette Bosworth (@drboz_annettebosworthmd). More affectionately known as Dr. Boz, she has created a program to help incorporate nutrition and lifestyle methods into the lives of her patients to help them overcome chronic disease and get healthy. She put it all in a book called KETO CONTINUUM which also has an accompanying workbook to help you change your life. Tune in to hear Jimmy and Dr. Boz reconnect again for an in-depth conversation about why she is so passionate today about low-carb living and the things she has seen as a practicing physician.

Dr. Boz official website:

KETO CONTINUUM: Consistently Keto For Life book: