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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Jul 30, 2012

Freelance editor and independent science documentary filmmaker Kennon Hulett is our guest today on The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!


Jimmy often talks about the need for people to find what they're good at and to use those gifts and talents to promote the right messages about health. And in this day and age when people are more apt to watch a fun documentary film (see how popular my buddy Tom Naughton's film FAT HEAD was for evidence of this) than to read some science-y book on a controversial nutritional subject, it's good to know we have some truly remarkable people working hard behind-the-scenes to produce high-quality video projects that fit the bill.

Enter Kennon Hulett.

This Southern girl excelled in film school graduating with honors in both film making and dramatic writing. She's already directed her first feature film and has been involved in various projects here and there. In late 2011, Kennon decided to start a brand new film company called Falling Whale Films dedicated to making "independent, highly accessible science documentaries" available to the public. Her first big project is called In Defense Of Fat: Rethinking The Bad Science Eating At America's Health. As you can imagine, this documentary will focus on the alternative science that says dietary fat is NOT a culprit in obesity and heart disease.

And Kennon has already got some BIG NAMES in the Paleo/low-carb community lined up, ready-to-go for interviews to be used in her film, including Dr. Robert LustigRobb WolfMark SissonDenise MingerSarah Fragoso and Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt. Listen in as Jimmy and Kennon talk about her ambitious film idea that is so sorely needed now more than ever and how YOU can get involved in helping her make it possible by supporting her Kickstarter page to raise the funds necessary to make this film dream into a reality!


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