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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Jun 24, 2013

Psychology professor Dr. David Diamond is our guest today in Episode 697 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”

David Diamond, Ph.D. was like any other American in dealing with his health. He obediently at the high-carb diet with lots of whole grains while faithfully cutting his fat intake as a means for getting healthy. There was only one problem--his triglycerides were through the roof! This University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences department faculty member wasn't about to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, so he started researching into what he could do to reduce his soaring triglyceride levels and take off a few extra pounds that had crept on.

That's when he discovered the low-carb lifestyle that would allow him to consume foods like red meat, eggs and butter--and his triglycerides dropped like a rock without medications! He became so passionate about this topic that he created a college class about the lies and distortions we've been told about public health and he was invited to give a lecture about it on campus entitled "How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic" and it's gone viral with over 85,000+ views and counting:

Listen in to today's interview as Jimmy and Dr. Diamond talk about his personal health journey, how the vegan diet advocates like Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. John McDougall are incredibly shortsighted in the way they think about the role of nutrition and health and why he doesn't seek out attention or accolades for the work he is doing educating the public. We have a feeling you're gonna REALLY enjoy this one from one of the featured experts in Jimmy's forthcoming August 27, 2013 book release Cholesterol Clarity.



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Dr. David Diamond bio
- VIDEO: "How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic"