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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Jun 24, 2020

Episode 1653

“I wanted to be fit, but that didn’t mean smaller and doing literally everything possible to shrink myself. It’s about being healthy at every size.”

– Shelby Gordon

Shelby Gordon from @fit.flexible.fluid stops by The LLVLC Show today to talk with Jimmy about how health and wellness advice is perceived by the non-white community, and why the advice we sometimes give could be perceived as racist.

Listen in today as Jimmy and Shelby have a real talk about body positivity and what that means for people of all backgrounds. Shelby shares her heart with Jimmy in this episode, including how diet culture and weight science has historically been racist and how racism continues to influence the diet culture industrial complex, weight stigma, as well as compromised health care for Black patients. Shelby highlights the false claims about fat people having a higher propensity to fall victim to the Covid-19 due to weight and the recent electro shock about the racial injustice Black people still experience has focused a how – for my work – nutrition, dietitian and eating disorder recovery practitioners are getting the clue about how their work may have be – actually – doing harm to their Black clients.