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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Jul 14, 2020

Episode 1658

What's more important for weight loss: exercise or protein? We take on this topic in this special episode of JIMMY RANTS on The LLVLC Show Episode 1658.

“I’m becoming more and more convinced that protein intake is more important than we’ve thought thus far.”

– Jimmy Moore

Are you one of those people who is fearful of consuming a higher amount of protein in your diet? Then you’ll be pleased to hear about a brand new study that was published in the journal Nutrients in June 2020 called “Effects of Dietary Protein on Body Composition in Exercising Individuals” that finds protein and resistance training exercise work in tandem to promote fat loss, muscle gain, bone support, and more. This is a very important study that everyone in the ketogenic world needs to see ASAP!

Listen in today as Jimmy tackles this tricky topic of protein intake on a ketogenic diet and why in some cases your intake needs might vary.