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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Sep 22, 2020

Episode 1678

On today’s episode of JIMMY RANTS on The LLVLC Show, we talk all about vegetable oils and the flawed science that promotes them.

“When you’re a kid you have to trust what adults say, but as adults we should be questioning everything.”

- Jimmy moore

Saturated fat has been heavily vilified for decades and yet nobody really can explain why. Despite the fact there has never been a randomized controlled trial showing any negative health implications from consuming foods like meat, butter, and dairy, it’s still very commonly believed by the average person. However, new research is starting to change that and hopefully the persistent phobia will soon come to an end. ⁣

In this episode of JIMMY RANTS on The LLVLC Show, I read from an article detailing some of the research shenanigans that went on in the early 70s in studies that were looking at replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat oils and margarine. The published results didn’t give the full story. But I’ve got the details for you in this episode! Check it out!⁣

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