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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Oct 21, 2020

Episode 1687

On today’s episode of the LLVLC Show, Jessica Viker, BSN, RN, stops by to talk about the state of Critical Care Nursing.

“We are not the same. Bioindividuality is REAL. What works for me won’t work for my mom or anyone else.”

- Jessica Viker

Registered Nurse Jessica Viker’s (@keto_nurse_jess) health journey started about 7 years ago, when she just didn’t feel well. As a nurse at a busy hospital, she knew what tired felt like, but this was a whole new level of exhausted. Her hair was falling out, her skin was dry, and she was perpetually cold. She had gained weight out of nowhere over the past 10 years, and not only could she not get it off, she kept gaining! After literally YEARS of different doctors, lab tests, frustration and misdiagnosis, she was finally diagnosed with chronic reverse T3 hypothyroidism, (triggered by a viral infection), and hormonal dysfunction. It was then that she set out on the journey to reclaim her health.

Listen in today as Jessica joins Jimmy to talk about her health journey, diving into nursing, why whole-30 didn’t give her the results she wanted, why keto was such a revelation to her, why it’s okay to admit what we don’t know, why diet is only adjunct therapy, why epidemiology is just confirmation bias, why understanding what your goals are is important, why PCOS is prevalent now, how metabolic syndrome is rearing its head in new ways, and so much more.

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