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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Feb 16, 2021

Episode 1702

Have you tried any of the “fake meat” products? We talk all about them in Episode 1702 of JIMMY RANTS on the LLVLC Show.

“How many people look at the plant-based burger and think it’s perfectly ‘clean’?”

 - Jimmy Moore


The plant-based “meat” industry is having a moment right now with lots of positive publicity in the media and plenty of companies getting in on the action of making fake burgers, chicken nuggets, and sausage at the altar of vegan propaganda. Unfortunately, the attention has created a positive view of these products in the consumer Who falsely believes they are made from high-quality natural ingredients that are healthy to consume. Hoo boy!⁣

In this episode of JIMMY RANTS on The LLVLC Show, I read from a new story that includes a survey of people who eat this plant-based “meats” and their perception of what they are versus the reality. It demonstrates the immense power of all the negative studies and headlines about red meat giving a tainted picture of this real, whole food to the consumer while anything that is purported to be made of plants is viewed as positive. Learn all the shocking details of this survey along with my commentary about what it means in today’s episode. ⁣