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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Oct 13, 2021

Join Jimmy today as he chats with Mackay Rippey about the movie to personalized medicine and away from the cookie cutter trend in this episode of the LLVLC Show.


“We need to go back to an old fashioned pricing system. Practitioners need to get away from this factory-based widget-based approach to health care.”

 - Mackay Rippey


In this episode, Jimmy speaks with acupuncturist Mackay Rippey (@mackaydoesacupuncture) who outlines the argument for a major overhaul of the healthcare system he describes as Medicine 2.0. He makes the case for getting away from cookie cutter medicine and more to an individualized, systems-based treatment approach to disease prevention. Watch this interview to hear about the history of medicine, how it has evolved into the sick care it is now, the “magic bullet” theory, the economics of medicine involving insurance and government, and so much more. This is a deep dive into all that is right and wrong with mainstream modern medicine.