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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Oct 19, 2021

On today’s episode of the LLVLC Show, Jimmy welcomes Nikki Crendal to talk about using Keto Carnivore to attain the body composition you desire.

“Once you’ve gotten to your goal weight, the next step should be muscle gain.”

 - Nikki Crendal

In this episode, Jimmy speaks with an awesome dietetics student in Australia who eats a carnivore diet named Nikki Crendal to help optimize her health. She healed her autoimmune disease from eating animal-based foods and is constantly studying all the latest research related to nutrition, metabolism, exercise physiology, and all that other nerdy science stuff. Tune in to hear Jimmy and Nikki talk about how to create body recomposition through the use of a keto/carnivore diet. Don’t miss this engaging conversation.