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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Nov 16, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of the LLVLC Show. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Cheryl McColgan to talk about why Keto living should be simple and doable.

“Fasting is not all about losing weight. People will give you looks like you have an eating disorder.”

- Cheryl McColgan



In this episode, Jimmy has the pleasure of talking to a keto coach and recipe developer named Cheryl McColgan (@healnourishgrow) for an engaging conversation about the current state of keto. This interview was originally conducted over Instagram Live and for some reason the video was truncated and the first 20 minutes was cut off. So Jimmy invited Cheryl to come back on to do the beginning of the interview over again and then spliced in the original chat for you to enjoy. If you are a fan of ketogenic living, then you’re gonna love this episode!

As a person focused on “healthy lifestyle” over the last 25 years, it was hard to believe Cheryl had to go through such a crazy health scare (in case you’re wondering, the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale eventually removed 16 tumors that had implanted all over her abdomen, bowels and iliac artery). The possibility of cancer forced her to look even more closely at her health, life and career. As a result, Cheryl became deeply involved in the study of wellness and nutrition which resulted in multiple training programs and certifications focused on creating ultimate wellness.