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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Nov 17, 2021

Join Jimmy today for this episode of the LLVLC Show as he welcomes Dr. Philip Ovadia to talk about how to prevent heart disease and what it has to do with metabolic health.

“The American Heart Association was a struggling organization before Ancel Keys came along with his narrative about saturated fat.”

- Dr. Philip Ovadia


In this episode, Jimmy welcomes in a cardiac surgeon and metabolic health physician named Dr. Philip Ovadia, MD (@ovadia_heart_health) who is making it his life’s mission to help people prevent heart disease and chronic disease by focusing on the therapeutic effects of proper nutrition and lifestyle choices. He is the author of the new book STAY OFF MY OPERATING TABLE where he makes the case that all of the things we’re being told about heart health is dead wrong–and what you can do to actually keep yourself healthy. Watch Jimmy’s insightful interview with Dr. Ovadia where they get into the keto diet, cholesterol, heart healthy practices, and so much more!

Dr. Philip Ovadia grew up in New York and graduated from the accelerated Pre-Med/Med program at the Pennsylvania State University and Jefferson Medical College. Dr. Ovadia started Ovadia Cardiothoracic Surgery in 2020, working as an independent contractor throughout the United States In 2021he launched Ovadia Heart Health, offering a virtual clinic to people all over the world. The focus is the prevention and treatment of heart disease by modifying diet and lifestyle.