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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Aug 27, 2012

Former 538-pound man Jesse Stilwell and Paleo physician Dr. Jeffrey Galvin are our guests today in Episode 604 of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore!

Get ready to be inspired in your low-carb Paleo lifestyle today as you hear from a man who once weighed in excess of 500+ pounds and was able to take the weight off and get his life back for good! His name is Jesse Stillwell from the "Food Is For Fuel" and what a tale he shares with us during this interview. Because of his morbid obesity, Jesse developed a severe case of agoraphobia that led him to become a shut-in playing video games for 16 hours a day and no job which paralyzed his efforts to shed the pounds and get healthy for many years. But once he discovered the powerful, life-changing low-carb Paleo way of eating, the best was yet to come for him. And he went on to lose an extraordinary amount of weight off of his body--280 pounds!

After such an incredible turnaround came to this man who once believed he was destined by his genetics to be fat for his entire life, he then set out to help others who are struggling with their own need and desire to lose weight and be healthy. At first he thought he should do that by becoming a personal trainer. But when Dr. Jeffrey Galvin from the Concord, NC-based Vitality Medical Wellness Institute heard about Jesse's story, he had something bigger in mind for him. Dr. Galvin decided to give Jesse a job in January 2012 as a health and wellness advocate to provide nutrition advice and inspiration to their patients. This former agoraphobic shut-in is now doing public speaking events and one-on-one counseling to others who are in the kind of seemingly helpless, hopeless situation he found himself in.

Listen to this encouraging podcast to hear Jesse and Dr. Galvin share with Jimmy what life was like before, how low-carb Paleo swooped in to rescue Jesse's life and how these two are taking the message to the people of North Carolina to make REAL change happen for those who so desperately need it! If you need a good pick-me-up about why this way of eating is needed for such a time as this, then don't you dare miss this interview.


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