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The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Sep 30, 2014

Self-taught chef, gluten-free Paleo food catering business owner, and author Simone Miller is our interview guest today in Episode 875 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”


Over the past few years we have seen a huge influx of brand new Paleo cookbooks hitting the market from mostly enthusiastic bloggers and social media darlings who know how to whip up recipes that are delicious, pleasing to the eyes, and fit within a healthy lifestyle. But today's podcast interview guest brings a little more experience to the table than just posting a photo with some ingredients and directions. She's a San Francisco, CA-based professional chef named Simone Miller from "Zenbelly" who has been working in the culinary world for almost 20 years and she's watched how the food trends have come and gone over the years. And when Paleo made a bona fide difference in her life, she committed to starting a 100% gluten-free catering company that would specialize in Paleo cuisine. Simone sees her role in the Paleo community as an ambassador for bringing real food back to the kitchen and dinner table again where she thinks any home cook could produce a quality dish that is elegant, delicious and artfully prepared just like you'd find in a fine restaurant. When you focus on using fresh ingredients like what is available when you eat Paleo, that's not difficult to do as Simone explains in today's show.

Listen in as Jimmy and Simone dig deeply into what she wrote about in her brand new 2014 release The Zenbelly Cookbook: An Epicurean's Guide to Paleo Cuisine, why she values creating meals that are quick and easy to make at home, how the focus of her blog has been to show people how simple and beautiful eating healthy can look like, why she doesn't think people should view Paleo as a restrictive diet in any way, the reality that people need to learn to get in the kitchen and cook more than they probably already are doing, why she vary rarely spends hours in the kitchen cooking dinner and yet still produces a great meal, her hope and desire that her book inspires people to get excited and have fun about cooking at home again, and why she's no fan of Paleo perfectionists. What a fabulous conversation with someone who knows a trick or two in the kitchen to pass along to you. ENJOY!




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